Bienvenue and welcome! I'm Michele Cherie. I'm a French and English teacher, but usually I'm a homeschooling mama. I have a passion for all things French as well as for intercultural education, travel, and purposeful parenting.

Francophone? Voici un peu au sujet de nous, grâce au blog High Five Family en FranceIls sont américains et parlent français à la maison.

My husband and I met in a Master's in Teaching program. He was born in Thailand and raised in the U.S. (He didn't know any French before I began speaking it to our children!) We're raising our children in Oregon. I speak French with our children (having learned French in high school, at Westmont College, and by studying abroad in France.) My husband speaks English with our children, though thanks to our bilingual household, he now understands a surprisingly amount of French too.

It's been fantastic to see our children become young bilinguals who understand a decent amount about the world and its cultures. We've hosted a handful of exchange students over the past few years and that's been a great educational journey too!

I hope you'll join me here often. You can follow me on Bloglovin', Instagram, or Facebook. I'm on Pinterest occasionally too. You can also contact me at michele@intentionalmama.comA bientôt!

  Our family photo, summer 2015.

Our family photo, summer 2015.